Thursday, April 2, 2009


If you can't tell from my last post, I find a lot of inspiration and information on the web- in blogs especially! Until we start making our dress form, I'll be posting regularly about the great things I find that are guiding the work we'll do when I start sewing!

I wish I'd been able to follow this from the beginning, but thank goodness for archives! Hippo Bumpo recently had a 9-week seam-along and gave some great how-to's and pictures. French seams intrigue me and would be a potential choice for finishing the inside of Bex' dress, but she is a lucky duck because I also happen to own an overlocker!

It's important to think about seams from the beginning because I certainly don't want to 1) purchase too little fabric (seam allowances need to be factored in) and 2) can't forget about them when I'm sewing!