Friday, April 3, 2009

Really? You're Making the Dress?

I wanted to back it up a little bit here, and answer a common question.  Who designs and sews dresses these days anyways?  Well for anyone that knows me or Court, this isn't a shocking turn of events.  But this is a very busy metro area, with lots and lots of stores, and with all the dresses on all the racks out there, I'm sure I could find one that I love.  But that's not the point.  Court and I have been friends for, ohhh, about 20 years.  We both come from crafty families.  Our idea of a girl's weekend is going to fabric stores, flipping through patterns, gossiping about the latest sewing and knitting blogs and how-to's, and admiring each other's fashion sense.  Seriously.  We do this. 

We both love to sew, and creating something from scratch, with your hands and effort, and then wearing it, and getting to say "I made this"... it's one of the most rewarding experiences.  So to do this together, and to be able to wear this dress for such a joyful occasion, what a gift!  For her and for me!  So this is why we're making the dress, and why I recommend handmade clothes or crafting for anyone else.  Because it's just oh so special.