Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Requirements

I'm a simple down-to-earth gal, and by no means fancy.  Though I've had visions of what I'd want my wedding dress to be, I've never felt strongly about any particular style.  Here are the requirements and thoughts that are going into the dress:
  1. It should be pretty.
  2. The length must work with my 5'2" height, and the fact that I will NOT be wearing heels, and more likely be barefoot the whole time.
  3. It will be in August/September, a pretty informal affair, outdoors hopefully.  It will likely be hot, and nobody wants to see a bride with sweat stains.
  4. And I'll be dancing, excessively.  Maybe even doing cartwheels.  I want it to bounce and flow.
  5. I'm a pretty traditional curvy hourglass.  I'm ok with accentuating (think v-neck).  I'm not OK with revealing (think halter top).
  6. Very limited or no decoration, beads, trim, lace, whatever.  I'd love the dress to be simple and have a nice shape and drape.  The fabric should accent itself.
  7. I'm not really into white, but I think cream or champagne, something along those lines would be flattering.  Maybe a color accent, maybe not.
Those are the main requirements, otherwise, just about anything goes.  Which means Courtney has lots of freedom and can show off her creative wit!